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Your Bedroom Should be a Snoozefest.

The recipe for a restful bedroom? Let it be a little boring. Just slightly quiet and soft, the kind of place that makes us sleepy.


Hit Print

Today is the last day of Showtime, a huge fabric and textile market where upholstery designers preview and select fabrics for upcoming collections. Many of our vendors have been sharing glimpses of what they’re finding appealing and too pretty to... Continue Reading →


Blue. Though it is the most popular color to decorate with recently, we’ve always had a love affair with its airy and watery way. Trend it might be, it’s one that’s here to stay. Let’s have a look at some beautiful blue interiors.

Sun Rooms

Flowers never cease to be an inspiration. Here are some eternally sunny rooms glowing from the inside out. And the flowers I imagine they could be.

Behind the Design at Craftmaster Furniture

We visited the Craftmaster showroom at High Point Market where we met with the VP of Merchandising and Marketing, Suzanne Henson, and the Showroom Designer and Manager, Melissa Way. We share the Q&A, along with a peek at their process, and photographs from inside the showroom.

To Market.

It’s been about a week since we've returned from the biannual furniture market in High Point, North Carolina, and we’d like to share a recap of the trends and styles seen there.

Making a Case for the Bookcase

Bookcases are like the Little Black Dress of interior style. Use them almost anywhere for almost anything. Instant understated class, chic, and function.

Bedroom Inspiration- Creating a look inspired by an online photograph.

Design inspiration is everywhere you look. The only way to not see it is if you close your eyes to the wonders of this world. Social media is saturated with all kinds of visual imagery and it can make it... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Farmhouse

Farmhouse style is an umbrella term for the favorite, current trend that covers many seemingly different looks. Born from ‘Country’ and ‘Cottage’, it’s approachable and warm, but it’s been updated with an editing hand. We list elements of each style category, with photos for reference and ooh factor. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy it!

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