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Coastal Decors Around the World

People flock to the coasts for relief from inland heat, and for the relaxation ocean waves and sand between the toes seems to bring to everyone. Using decorating inspiration from favorite coastal locales around the world can help to recreate... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Farmhouse

Farmhouse Style is warm, inviting, and functional. Read about how to add a little of it to your home.

Making a Case for the Bookcase

Bookcases are like the Little Black Dress of interior style. Use them almost anywhere for almost anything. Instant understated class, chic, and function.

Decorating Your Home for the Holidays: A Guide to Being and Saving Green

       It's that time of year again. Carols, hot cocoa, cookies (lots of cookies), spending time with friends and family. Most of us like to decorate our homes to reflect the joy of the season, and to make... Continue Reading →

Spring Market Trends 2017-Looking for a Happy Trend

Now that the spring furniture market has wrapped and I'm able to compare notes, I've compiled a few of the biggest trends shown there and throughout the interior design industry this season. One clear thing is the underlying cord of outdoorsiness, adventure, and a carefree demeanor that ties all of them together. My theory is it's the cyclical yearning for the feeling of bare feet along with that ever present one for the feeling of bared souls.

Tuft Love

Feminine. Masculine. Elegant. Sculptural. Buttoned-up. Tufted furniture is enjoying a new appreciation, though it's been effortlessly working for a long time. (Yet you would never know it.) Learn more about it in this weeks blog...

Home Office Ideas

There are many multifunctional and attractive pieces you can add to your home so you can get some work done. And enjoy it.

Shared Trends: The Translation of Fashion to Interiors

In Paris, the last of the couture shows that make up Fashion Week will be wrapping shortly; with New York, London, and Milan already having concluded their collections. As there are not many worlds which collide so necessarily and naturally as fashion and home decor, it is always interesting to see how the latest runway designs spill into interiors.

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