Design inspiration is everywhere you look. The only way to not see it is if you close your eyes to the wonders of this world. Social media is saturated with all kinds of visual imagery and it can make it hard to focus, but even more challenging to stand out in the crowd. It was easy to notice a space as beautiful and serene as stylist Natalie Nassar’s bedroom, shared by, and it’s this photo that got us inspired to bring you our shoppable version.

It’s got everything a master bedroom should have: a sense of plush and lush, a clean, edited environment without excess clutter, texture, interesting (but not overwhelming) pattern, a soothing color scheme, and personality- that thing in decorating that is so difficult to quantify and I believe comes from using what you love and always having something personal in your room.

Natalie Nassar’s master bedroom

Natalie’s palette is a study in neutrals: ivory, beige, and varying tones of grey. She has mixed cotton, linen, velvet, and tactile hand-stitched pieces in her textiles. In the accessories she used a variety of materials and textures. A horn mirror and ceramic lamp add natural qualities while the brass lamp trim, curtain rod, nailhead, and copper pillows infuse some femininity and polish. The striped slipper chair, kantha quilt, and area rug offer up both graphic and subtle pattern- but because they’re in the same color family, they remain quiet enough for a restful space. The cream on top of this brew, what gives it sumptuousness, is the layering. The thick pile wool rug over wall-to-wall carpet (not only does this feel great underfoot, it helps to block and absorb sound), a quilt slung over the headboard as tapestry and one folded at the end of the bed, accessories in front of the mirror, cloud-like curtains puddling on the floor- it’s all setting the scene for a luxurious experience. Last but not least, what could make us want to cuddle more than our favorite pooch napping on the bed?

Below is our recreation. I want you to realize- and I’ll even point them out to you- there are differences between the two. The point in this is inspiration, you could say imitation, but not in the rigid way that would make the process unappealing or unsuccessful. You want to get the key things right- the ideas that made you fall into the image as something you’d like for yourself. If it helps, make a very short list of what those are. For Natalie’s bedroom, my list would look like this:

-Upholstered bed

-Soft neutrals, with hits of jaunty charcoal and black

-Organic texture

-Subtle sheen


-Sophisticted COZY, relaxed luxury


IMG_6458 (Edited)

1. I started with our upholstered Matilda Bed, which is a very close silhouette to the original. 2. Next, because it’s visually such a strong element, I looked for the kantha quilt, and immediately it got tricky. I could not find anything with a geometric pattern in the same color combination. The stylized dove tapestry had a similar contrast and energy. 3. Now I needed a rug. With the geometric quality missing from the headboard, I thought I’d bring it in with the rug instead. Basically, I flipped the two pieces. 4. It’s great that white bedding is so popular because it is everywhere! Spend a lot or a little- you can get this high end hotel look whatever your budget. 5. A charcoal velvet quilt was simple to locate, and adds a lot of warmth (and function). 6. Again I had trouble- finding those gorgeous pillows. But because the dove tapestry has so much movement, I felt that a solid pillow, with some great texture and detail, would be fine. I pulled a color from the rug. 7. I moved on to the other visible piece of furniture and was able to source an identical style in our Avignon Nightstand. The Vintage Ivory works well with the overall color scheme. 8. The mirrors were essential for creating the global aesthetic and the vertical line, and luckily were very easy to find in several variations. 9. The lamps were a puzzle. The requirements were: graceful form, long and lean rather than short and squat, texture, brass or copper metallic, and a shade that would fit on the narrow nightstand. Lampsplus is an amazing online shop for lamps, but even there I was forced to use creative license and make a substitution. 10. The gorgeous storage ottoman is by Smith Brothers. It can be ordered in hundreds of fabrics and with four nailhead options. I would have gone antique brass in this case. That tufted top brings in more glamour, and STORAGE! 11. The grey linen drapes were another quick find, and the wrought iron window hardware shares a connection with the black lamps. If you want your curtains to pool like in the inspiration photo, order them long, but keep in mind it’s not the most practical idea. 12. Lastly, we borrowed Natalie’s fur baby because nothing can replace our pets for making a house feel like home.

Let’s recap. We did not attempt to recreate an exact replica, but rather use an inspiration image as a goal post, road map, and kindling for some creative fire. It is virtually impossible without knowing exact retail sources anyway. It’s more important to try to achieve a similar balance in elements, and to hit the points identified as vital for getting the feel you want. If you deviate off course, just remember that repeated features will help to pull it together: shapes, colors, fabrics, patterns. Don’t forget the economy and effectiveness of paint for creating a mood (because we’ve had to go lighter on several pieces, I would go a shade darker with the paint than in Natalie’s photo, to ensure it stays cozy), and fresh flowers for making everything more lovely. Add yourself to the equation, whether through artwork, family photos, or a treasured heirloom.

Do you think this method is something you would try?

Are you inspired by Natalie’s room as much as we were? Do you think we did her space justice?

All links below-

1. Matilda Bed: 2. Textile: 3. Flatweave Rug: 5. Velvet Quilt: 6. Pillows: 7. Avignon Nightstand: 8. Mirrors: 9. Lamps: 10. Smith Brothers 895 Storage Ottoman: 11. Drapes:

Take the time to view the rest of Natalie’s gorgeous home- you won’t be disappointed!

Written by Kelly Welton