Why is it we always feel the need to reinvent the wheel? Many of us make no objection to following recipes in cooking- someone else’s ideas and instructions. Though we often tailor them to suit our tastes and needs, omitting spices we don’t prefer and steps we don’t have time for. We should feel the same ease when it comes to “copying” a designer’s vision. Certainly if we put a little of ourselves into a space it will feel like ours. But you will start from a very expert position, having allowed someone else to put in the effort of creating an appealing design. You don’t need to be innovative. You just need to be inspired.

We’ve fallen for this gorgeous master bedroom posted on Instagram by Alice Lane Home (@alicelanehome, photography by Lindsay Salazar). It’s serene yet textured, sophisticated but cozy. With a neutral backbone so current, it can in future easily welcome a new or favorite color. So we’re using her recipe (inset and directly below) to recreate our own, one you can find the ingredients for in your own neighborhood.


Following is our interpretation, with sites listed for the accompanying and ever so important accessories. For Old Brick items, just go for the gold.



We hope you like our imitation of this beautiful room with pieces we carry right here at Old Brick. To learn more about how to customize the Brighton sofa click here or stop into either showroom.