Nothing is quite like a chair. It is not only somewhere to rest your legs, but a spot to take a moment. How many times have you heard these expressions: Pull up a chair. Have a seat. Take a load off.? Or simply the command- “Sit!”? In public, seats are coveted, whether on the subway, at a sidewalk cafe, or in a corner of a bookstore.
At home, of course chairs justify as much value in regard to function and design. Small enough to fit in a tight room, big enough to fill an empty space, an accent chair does not discriminate when it comes to house size. Too, there are as many as there are shapes and colors- easily an extension of your personal style. They also offer less obvious benefits; a change in perspective, the perceived addition of square footage, a shift in purpose for a room, and a little more personal space in the family setting (with most being made for one).
What kind of a chair do you like? Probably it depends on where it will sit, and what you will do in it. In the bedroom, a cozy tv or reading chair is also a seat for buckling sandal straps, a home office, and an attractive clothes hanger. In the diningroom, it is the perfect cocktail spot by night, comfortable place for a solo dinner, and a serene perch for morning coffee. In a child’s room: a boat, a treehouse, a king’s throne.
Use your imagination and all of a sudden your room feels bigger, since its functions have doubled, tripled. Or it feels smaller, since its empty corners are no longer empty and are energized with purpose. Or it seems new, as you look out into your space from a height or angle you don’t often see it from, akin to flipping a familiar image.
A chair can be like your favorite t-shirt- comfortable, classic and effortless. Or it can be all fresh- a vibrant print or sculptural silhouette breathing life onto a stale scene. Equal parts detail and background, line and form, comfort and style-  a supporting role to the “important” pieces.

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