A vacation can mean any number of things for different people. While some people enjoy a nice relaxing time at the beach; others may find their place in a theme park-night life haven like Walt Disney World. No matter where you find your “home away from home” it’s important to remember the following tips when straying from your standard routine and your normal bed:

Hydration: Whether you’re in the sun riding bikes on the boardwalk or dancing away in a night club it is important to stay hydrated. Chances are that you are exerting your body a lot more than usual and are drinking a lot less. Hydration is unique for everyone, some people drink gallons of water each day while others are comfortable on just two or three bottles. No matter what your speed, keep in mind that you will need to drink more to make up for what you’re sweating out and that all not drinks are created equal. Stick to water based drinks for hydration and leave the sodas and alcohol as more of a treat. The more you stray from your normal level of hydration, the dryer your skin and mouth will feel-greatly affecting how you sleep. It is also important to keep in mind that if you drink to little you’ll awake in the night thirsty, and if you drink to much you’ll find yourself running to the bathroom at all hours of the night.

Food: Similar to water, the foods you eat can drastically affect how you sleep. On vacation, we usually end up eating all sorts of different foods in higher quantities compared to a normal week. It is crucial to give your body time to digest foods based on their contents and weight. Over indulging on heavy, greasy foods can lead your body to feel more tired, as it exerts more energy to digest your latest meal. It is also important not to eat to close to bed time, as digestion slows considerably when sleeping. Sleeping after eating (depending on the food) can cause heartburn, or indigestion which can affect sleep and throw your sleep and digestive schedule out of whack. We’re not saying you shouldn’t eat like royalty, just be sure you don’t go to far from schedule.

Clothing/Bedding: What you were can be a great aid to sleeping when on vacation and away from home. Keep in mind the weather where you are headed when packing and be sure to bring along a few various sleep options. Since you will already be away from your normal bed and sleep environment, use your clothes to compensate for the most likely less than adequate hotel bed. If you like to be warm when you sleep consider bringing along your favorite blanket to supplement the hotel bedding. If you like to sleep cool, consider checking out one of our cooling pillows by Bedgear which you could bring with you on the plane or in the car-here. Speaking of the plane or car (or even train) consider that on long trips these methods of transportation are usually air conditioned, and consider bringing a sweatshirt/sweatpants you can take on/off if you want to try and catch some comfortable shut eye on your travels.

No matter where your travels take you this summer, don’t forget to sleep! Make sure you do all you can to feel comfortable when sleeping away from home and you’ll return home feeling well rested and excited to tell stories of all your new experiences.  As always if you have any questions about sleep, don’t hesitate to call or stop into one of our stores to day to speak with a factory trained sleep expert.

Happy travels!