For many of us, this has been the first heat wave of the season (hopefully many more!) and this can prove to be a challenging time for an optimal sleep experience.  Research shows that the ideal temperature for sleep is between 65-72 degrees.  When the room temperature is above it takes longer to fall asleep, and the quality of the sleep is inconsistent and less effective.  There are ways to control the sleep environment, prepare yourself, and even products today that can help you sleep during hot weather.

To control your environment, try the following:

  • Use air conditioning to control the temperature.  Although obvious, remember that maintaining a consistent temperature is easier than trying to cool a room that has been overheated.
  • Use blinds to help keep sunlight out during peak hours.
  • Use fans to create cross breezes which help move warm air out and cooler air in.  Use opposing windows or doorways to help.  Also use ice or cool water in front of the fans to help cool the area.
  • Heat rises so move to a lower level to sleep if possible.  This could include the basement or even the floor of your bedroom.
  • If you cannot cool the room, consider sleeping outdoors as it if often cooler at night outdoors than it will be in a overheated room.  It can also be fun provided you protect yourself from the insects!

To better prepare yourself to sleep in hot weather, try the following:

  • Wear light, breathable sleepwear.  There are many products today that are far better than the old T-shirt and shorts you may be wearing.  Moisture wicking sleepwear can improve the quality of your sleep.
  • A tepid shower or bath can also help provided you can control the humidity levels.  The body actually responds better to a warm shower than a cold one too!
  • The ancient Egyptians used cool towels or cloths that were placed on them to sleep cooler.  You can do the same with a towel by soaking it in cold water, wringing it out carefully before placing it over your body like a blanket.  You can also focus on your head and neck to provide a temporary relief.
  • Try relaxing music as studies have shown that a relaxed mind can promote sleep even in less than optimal conditions.
  • Keep a cold glass of water by the bed table.  A cool drink can help cool the body as feeling good when placed against a warm forehead or neck.

Product advancements today can also improve the quality of sleep during hot weather:

  •  The new Tempurpedic Breeze collection provides a surface that is cooler and maintains a consistently cooler mattress throughout the night.  You can actually feel the difference when you lie down!
  • The Vertex cover from Bedgear is a heat deflecting material developed to be used in mattress protectors and pillows.  This material is able to maintain a cool to the touch feel longer than previous products while still being able to breathe.

Try these tips and come into an Old Brick today!  Not only will we be able to demonstrate these cooling products, but our showrooms are air conditioned!!  Enjoy this warm, wonderful weather as there are only 190 days until the first day of winter!