Have you ever wondered what your sleep could be missing? Well technology is to the rescue once again! This year at CES 2017 the National Sleep Foundation sponsored a booth and dozens of new products designed to benefit sleep were showcased. This is the first year that sleep tech has made an appearance at a show like CES and there was no shortage of demos. According to “The Sleep Doctor” Dr. Michael Breus; “The first innovation, and I would argue one of the most significant, was that CES recognized that Sleep and Tech belong together in the first place. Dr. Mehmet Oz gave a lecture and then moderated a panel on the importance of sleep to our health, and how technology could play a role, showing the true importance of proper sleep.” Sleep technology has gathered quite fan base following this years CES, and we wanted to outline some of these new products for you below (information gathered from The Sleep Doctor and the media coverage surrounding CES 2017):


Beddit:  is a sleep sensor (a small strip that goes under your sheets) that uses a highly accurate method of cardioballistic sensing (very sensitive cardiac monitoring) to identCapture.PNGify sleep parameters ( if you have different heart rate, breathing etc. while in each sleep stage, each night). In addition, it can communicate with other computer automated sensors in your home to help guide your environment for better sleep (such as dimming your lights, adjusting your thermostat, or closing your blinds). One of its neatest features is the set-it-and-forget-it mode, where you do not have to turn it on each evening before bed. Beddit gives advice based on sleep, noticing needs for exercise, or if your nutrition is effecting your sleep (these variables are all self-reported by the customer during setup and then linked to their sleep). There is a smart alarm feature, which will wake you up from a lighter stage of sleep when you are fully rested, and the app allows you to review your data easily. One of its unique features is that Beddit is partnered with eClinicalWorks, a medical records company, and you can upload your data to it, so your doctor can know how you are sleeping, which is pretty cool. Retails for: $149.00 with free shipping.

Nightingale: While this looks like a simple wall plug, it is actually pretty interesting. There are currently no item specifics, but the early development testing is very interesting. You get two units and place them at different parts of the room. These units will “wrap your bedroom in a blanket of sound” tailored to the specific room acoustics. It can all be controlled with an app, and you can even put your own music in it if you want. It can be controlled with Amazon Alexa and connect with Nest for all of you individuals who use smart home tech. When you wake up you can even get the weather and traffic information. You can even customize your sound experience, via an app. Sort of similar to Jarvis in the popular Iron Man movies! On Kickstarter: $149.00.Sleeping-Cat

SleepScore Labs and the S+: SleepScore Labs is a joint venture between ResMed, the largest CPAP (the gold standard treatment for sleep apnea) manufacturer in the world, Dr Oz, and a private equity group. The device, called the S+, is a bedside unit (no bodily contact required but highly accurate) that sends out a signal across your body to measure respiration, heart rate, and movement to give you a highly accurate SleepScore (combination of stages, interruptions, and awakenings). In addition, the unit also monitors your sleep environment (temperature, sound, and light) and then provides individualized advice, (the pieces of advice have all been previously reviewed by a Board Certified Sleep Specialist), based on your previous night’s sleep, and your weekly or monthly trends. Dr. Oz gave away 1000 of these devices on his show, and SleepScore Labs, then analyzed the devices data helping them to gather a greater understanding of real world sleep patterns. This was the largest, in-home, non-contact sleep study ever performed. Retail: $129.00

These are just a few examples of the new technology that is coming to the world of sleep. With this new groundbreaking technology each of us will have the ability to track all aspects of our sleep, and work on improving it. After all you sleep for at least a third of your life, so you want to be certain you’re getting the most out of that precious time in bed.

 *Please note that Old Brick is not affiliated with the products/companies mentioned above and that this information is designed to be purely informative. We recommend you consult your doctor before beginning to use any sort of monitoring technology.