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Welcome to the Farmhouse

Farmhouse style is an umbrella term for the favorite, current trend that covers many seemingly different looks. Born from ‘Country’ and ‘Cottage’, it’s approachable and warm, but it’s been updated with an editing hand. We list elements of each style category, with photos for reference and ooh factor. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy it!


Big Game Style. And we don’t mean safari. Los Angeles and New England face-off.

Today will see fierce competition. If you’re a football fan, you look forward to it all year. We wonder right up until the end if it’s going to be a worthwhile match-up. Will the two teams who fight and claw... Continue Reading →

Paint Colors of 2019/ Part 1

      Written by Kelly Welton

Winter Reset – Tips for resetting your home and habits for an enjoyable post-holiday season.

                                                                                For... Continue Reading →

Decorating Your Home for the Holidays: A Guide to Being and Saving Green

       It's that time of year again. Carols, hot cocoa, cookies (lots of cookies), spending time with friends and family. Most of us like to decorate our homes to reflect the joy of the season, and to make... Continue Reading →

Modern Farmhouse

      I've watched this trend catch fire and spread wildly, much like a controlled field burn. And before realizing that I was a willing participant, I indulged happily in several of the required elements of modern farmhouse design.... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Sleep

Sleep is certainly something full of mystery especially because we are not awake while we are doing it and we don't remember most of what happens.  The truth about sleep can help you get the best sleep possible.  Below is... Continue Reading →

Time for a Clean Start…

As we start to transition from spring to summer, we often begin to clean and organize.  One of the most forgotten areas to clean is your mattress.  We have a few tips to help you sleep cleaner and healthier. Strip... Continue Reading →


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