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Time for a clean start…

As we start to transition from summer to fall, we often start to clean and organize.  One of the most forgotten areas to clean is your mattress.  We have a few tips to help you sleep cleaner and healthier.

4 Tips to get your child ready for school

As the calendar turns from July to August, back to school reminders are everywhere.  And while it may seem premature to start thinking of school, it is not too soon to start thinking about getting everyone ready for what's to come.  We've put together four tips to help get your child ready to what's to come in September.

A Seat for Every Room

A chair is a place to rest and recharge. And a perfect spot in your home to express your style.

Is it time to break your addiction to your snooze button?

In 1956, General Electric Company unveiled an alarm clock with feature called the snooze button.  This promised to be the dawn of a gentler way to wake up by allowing you a few extra minutes of sleep with the click of a button.  Sixty years later and we've created a monster that millions of people rely on far too frequently.  If you are one of those that use the snooze feature on a regular basis, it's time for you and your snooze button to take a serious look at your relationship.

Sleeping on Vacation

A vacation can mean any number of things for different people. While some people enjoy a nice relaxing time at the beach; others may find their place in a theme park-night life haven like Walt Disney World. No matter where you find your "home away from home" it's important to remember the following tips when straying from your standard routine and your normal bed:

Sleeping like it’s 1776…

      As we celebrate our Independence Day,  my thoughts turn to the lives of the people that paved the way for all of us today.  I was curious of their daily lives and how sleep may differ from... Continue Reading →

Help!, I’m sleeping in the wrong direction…

While we all understand that getting a good night sleep is really important, did you know that the magnetic direction in which we align ourselves for sleep (i.e. North, South, East, or West) can effect the sleep quality and quantity?  Believe it or not there are answers from Eastern medicine as well as the scientific community that may have you questioning your sleep direction.

Tips for better sleep during a heat wave

For many of us, this has been the first heat wave of the season (hopefully many more!) and this can prove to be a challenging time for an optimal sleep experience.

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